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The Ultimate List of Educational YouTube Channels for 2021

Welcome to our ultimate list of educational YouTube channels. YouTube is a phenomenal education tool if you use it correctly. However, it’s not always easy to find the right channels unless you have a specific topic in mind.

That’s why we created this page! We’ve broken down our list by category and included as many quality channels as we can find! Feel free to navigate to a section using the table of contents.

General Channels 📹

This selection of YouTube channels cover a wide range of topics, and no dot fit neatly into any particular category. You might not be interested in every topic these channels cover, but you’ll definately find something in their library that you’ll love.

1. Ted-Ed

TED Ed  Educational YouTube channel

You’ve no doubt heard of and watched a TED or TEDx video before, but you may not have heard of TED-Ed. TED-Ed makes animated short explainer type videos covering a wide range of subjects. With nearly 1500 videos and over a billion views, there’s plenty of content to dive in.

⏯ How the world’s longest underwater tunnel was built | Why do people fear the wrong things?

2. Vox

Vox Icon

Vox is a American news and opinion website. If you’ll excuse the sporadic news items, Vox produces some high quality educational digital media content on their YouTube channel. Between the news, you’ll get around four educational videos per month.

⏯ Why NASA quarantined the Apollo 11 astronauts | Why we say “OK”

3. Today I Found Out

Today I Found Out Logo

If you’re into your obscure knowledge, then Today I Found Out is the channel for you. It’s a mixture of stuff you’ve always wondered about but never thought to look up and random stuff you wouldn’t know unless you were told.

The host Simon Whistler also narrates the channels Megaprojects and Biographics. This is impressive considering this channel alone produces 3-4 videos per week!

⏯ Why are Hot Dogs Called Hot Dogs? | Why Doesn’t the U.S. Use the Metric System?

4. Crash Course

Crash Course Logo

Crash Course, founded and produced by Hank and John Green is a YouTube series that teaches a massive range of subjects in an entertaining and concise format, using both real life footage and animations.

The videos are what you might expect, a collection of crash courses on various topics, mainly relating to academic topics. They have a number of hosts, including Hank and John themselves, each covering different topics.

⏯ The Enlightenment | Neural Networks and Deep Learning

5. The Infographics Show

The Infographics Show

The Infographic show’s aim is to make learning facts about the world fun and engaging. In this, they succeed, each episode is animated with 2D vector graphics that keep you engaged throughout. The Infographics Show will cover just about any topic, so it’s a great channel to help improve your general knowledge.

⏯ The Shocking True Castaway Incredible Survivor Story | Why Is Caviar So Expensive?

6. Exurb1a

Exurb1a Educational YouTube channel

Exurb1a explores the weird and wonderful aspects of humanity and life. You never know what you’ll learn when clicking on an Exurb1a video, and that’s part of the charm of the channel. If you don’t mind a decent dose of British sarcasm and the odd bit of profanity, then you should definitely check out Exurb1a.

⏯ The Moon is a Door to Forever | You Will Never Do Anything Remarkable

Science Channels 🧬

The science creator community is thriving on YouTube. There are so many amazing channels creating well-researched and engaging content!

Cold Fusion

7. Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion explores science and technological news, developments and discoveries. With one of the highest production value and aesthetic quality in the YouTube educational sphere, Cold Fusion is a fantastic channel to keep up with.

⏯ Who Invented A.I.? – The Pioneers of Our Future | The New Space Race of the 2020s

8. Veritasium

Veritasium Educational YouTube channel

Veritasium’s description reads ‘an element of truth – videos about science, education, and anything else I find interesting’. The channel does a fantastic job of explaining complicated subjects and topics, with well written scripts and helpful animations.

⏯ The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves | Does Planet 9 Exist?

9. SciShow


SciShow is hosted by Hank Green (one half of CrashCourse) and Michael Aranda. The format is similar to Crash Course, but with a focus on the sciences. Producing a short episode every day, you’ll never be short on content if you’re into your science!

⏯ Megatsunamis: World’s Biggest Wave | The Lost City and the Origin of Life

10. Seeker

Seeker Educational YouTube channel

Seeker is an digital media network and content publisher owned by the Group Nine Media group, and based in San Francisco, California. They produce 5-10 minute shorts explaining various scientific topics.

Being part of a large media group, you can expect regular videos. They generally produce 3-5 videos per week.

⏯ This Dead Star Is Twisting Spacetime | This Is How Your Body Builds Immunity

11. Vsauce

Vsauce Educational YouTube channel

There is no way this list would ever be complete without Vsauce. One of the original YouTube educators, Michael Stevens has been creating videos under the Vsauce banner since the summer of 2010. He has since go on to create his popular YouTube RED series, Mindfield. Vsauce also has two sister channels Vsauce2 & Vsauce3 – which are also great.

⏯ What Is The Scariest Thing? | Which Way Is Down?

12. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt Logo

Kurzgesagt explores the weird and wonderful side of science with high quality stylized 2D animations. It’s obvious that Kurzgesagt takes no short-cuts when creating their videos, each is brilliantly narrated and edited. The channel is run by a small team who manage to create a new episode every month.

⏯ How to Build a Dyson Sphere – The Ultimate Megastructure | Why Blue Whales Don’t Get Cancer – Peto’s Paradox

13. Second Thought

Second Thought

From North Korea to Alien visitations, Second Thought explores the topics worth thinking about, and definitely some we’d not thought to think about. Their concise videos on a wide range of topics definitely offer for food for thought, for the day.

⏯ NASA’s Plan For A Permanent Moon Base | How Loud Is The Sun?

14. The Royal Institution

The Royal Institution Educational YouTube channel

The Royal Institution is a British organisation founded in 1799 who specialises in scientific education and research. Their YouTube channel features talks and lectures from experts within the scientific community. Think of it like TED purely for science, thrown in with some audience participation.

⏯ A Brief History of Quantum Mechanics – with Sean Carroll | The Issues We Face at the Nano Scale – with Sonia Contera

Engineering Channels 🤖

15. FutureNow

FutureNow Educational YouTube channel

FutureNow is relatively new channel that looks at the future of technology and society. Although there are only a handful of videos published at the moment, their current offering is definitely high quality.

⏯ The Future of Hypersonic Planes | Artificial Intelligence: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

16. Real Engineering

Real Engineering

Real Engineering is the channel that teaches you to think like an engineer, and even if you’re not interested in engineering – it’ll make you.

Their videos use a combination of footage and animations to explore engineering in the fields of architecture, transport and computing. Each episode is clearly narrated and well researched. Uploading twice per month, they make a great channel to check in with regularly.

⏯ The Insane Engineering of the SR-71 Blackbird | Why SpaceX is Making Starlink

17. Megaprojects


Megaprojects is all about exploring the creation of humanity’s greatest engineering achievements. You may recognise the narrator, Simon Whistler from the Today I Found Out and Biographics channels. Don’t ask us how he has the time to do all these videos. The channel is relatively new, however, you can expect a few videos per week!

⏯ The Tu-144: The Soviet Union’s Concorde | Chernobyl’s New Safe Confinement: The World’s Largest Movable Object

Economics Channels 💵

18. PolyMatter

PolyMatter YouTube Icon

PolyMatter creates highly engaging explainer videos exploring mainly technology, business, world politics and economics. Evan, the creator boasts an impressive output of content, considering he writes and animates by himself. It is certainly an interesting channel to follow and you can be sure you’ll always learn something new.

⏯ The Economics of K-Pop | Why India Banned 86% of its Currency

19. Economics Explained

Economics Explained Educational YouTube channel

Economics Explained produces videos analysing both historical and topical events from an economist’s perspective. The channel is fantastic for those times when you need an easy to understand explanation of current events and what effect they might have. It also serves as a great way to learn more about economics in general.

⏯ The Economics of Stimulus Packages | Can an Economy Grow Forever?

Maths Channels 🧮

20. 3Blue1Brown


3Blue1Brown, run by Grant Sanderson, produces videos exploring complex maths and mathematical physics. Even if maths, isn’t your thing, you can certainly still enjoy the high quality animations throughout the episodes.

⏯ Exponential growth and epidemics | What they won’t teach you in calculus

21. Numberphile

Numberphile Educational YouTube channel

Numberphile is run by Brady Haran. The channel description reads ‘Videos about numbers – it’s that simple‘. Numberphile approaches the weird and wonderful aspects of maths in an entertaining and engaging way. Even if you’re not into numbers, it’s a great channel to follow.

⏯ Euler Squares | Why is this Puzzle Impossible?

Geography Channels 🗾

22. National Geographic

National Geographic Logo

National Geographic is an American television network. Their official description read “a world leader in geography, cartography and exploration”. They produce some of the highest quality geography content around. Their YouTube channel is no different, you can find great shorts on various topics and stories from around the globe.

⏯ Volcanoes 101 | Tornadoes 101

23. Wendover Productions

Wendover Logo

Wendover Productions make some of the highest quality explainer videos on YouTube, right now. Their focus is ‘exploring the world’, by explaining the logistics, economics and marketing of travel. Wendover managed to produce around two videos per month, which is impressive considering the quality of the production and research.

⏯ How Rwanda is Becoming the Singapore of Africa | The Most Valuable Airspace in the World

24. WonderWhy

WonderWhy Icon

WonderWhy produces high quality, short video essays on historical geography. Ever wonder why Korea split into North and South Korea? Or why the Dutch where orange? Perhaps not, but I’m sure you’re at least curious now. Whether, you are a fan of history of geography, you’ll definitely learn something new and interesting on WonderWhy’s channel.

⏯ The World’s Oldest International Borders | Why do the Dutch wear orange?

25. Real Life Lore

Real Life Lore Educational YouTube channel

Real Life Lore answer the questions that you’ve never asked. They cover topics such as science, economics, history and geography in well researched and engaging videos. Real Life Lore produce around three to four videos per month, so if you’re interested in any of the topics, be sure to subscribe.

⏯ Countries That Are WAY Bigger Than You Think | What If America Actually Buys Greenland?

26. Name Explain

Name Explain

As you may have guessed, Name Explain, explains the origin of names. The channel explore the origin of places and people and characters in short concise video essays. Uploading twice per week, it’s a great channel to keep up with.

⏯ What Do Body Of Water Names Mean? | How Did The Belts Of The USA Get Their Names?

27. Mustard

Mustard YouTube Logo

Mustard is a channel that focuses on the history, engineering and culture of transport vehicles, with a particular emphasis on aircraft,. Mustard’s high quality animations are, without a doubt some of the best you will see on YouTube.

Although there isn’t a huge backlog of videos, the creators passion for the subject matter is clear and each video has obviously taken some time to create. If you’re into aerospace technology, then this is the channel for you.

⏯ What Happened To Giant Ekranoplans? | Why Airbus Nearly Didn’t Happen: The A300 Story

28. Soliloquy

Soliloguy Educational YouTube channel

Exploring science, geography and history, Soliloquy wins the award for cramming the most amount of information into his short episodes. The channel’s explainer type videos are accompanied by great 2D animations that keep you engaged throughout. Although his upload schedule is rather erratic, it’s always worth tuning in for an upload.

⏯ Why is Gibraltar not part of Spain? | How do Tulips know when it’s Spring?

History Channels ⚓

29. Historia Civilis

Historia Civilis

With so shortage of source material, Historia Civilis explores the history of Rome, covering their battles, rulers and politics. The episodes are narrated with confidence and they show a real passion for the subject. It’s a fantastic channel to follow if you’re a history student or even just interested in learning about the era.

⏯ Caesar’s Funeral (44 B.C.E.) | The Battle of Ilerda (49 B.C.E.)

30. Biographics

Biographics YouTube Icon

Biographics is essentially a video format biography channel. Several times a week, you’ll be treated to a 10-20 minute run-down of a historical figures life. Simon Whistler – who also hosts Today I Found Out – does a great job of narrating the videos and keeping them engaging. You’re guaranteed to learn something new with Biographics!

⏯ Grigori Rasputin: The Devil Incarnate | Blackbeard: Scourge of the Seven Seas

31. Technology Connections

Technology Connections  Educational YouTube channel

Technology Connections is probably one of the stranger and more unique channels on this list. The channel dives into old retro technologies and the stories behind them. So, if you’ve ever wondered how an old CD players works or why old CCTV footage only shows 2-frames-per-second then look no further. YouTube is all about sharing your interests and it’s great to see someone passionate enough to share their obscure knowledge!

⏯ DVD+R and DVD-R; What was that about? | The Electromagnet in Your Toaster



LEMMiNO started as a Top 10 Facts channel, however, it has recently also started producing short documentaries exploring different mysteries and unexplained phenomena.

LEMMiNO’s most successful episode explored probably one of the weirdest events on the web, Cicada 3301: An Internet Mystery. If you’re looking for a more casual watch, then be sure to check out the Space Facts series.

⏯ The Lost Colony of Roanoke | The Great Silence

Film Channels 🎥

33. Every Frame a Painting

Every Frame a Painting Icon

Every Frame a Painting explores the art of film and everything surrounding it. You’ll never see films the same way again. Although the channel no longer publishes content, it remains one of the best resources for aspiring filmmakers and filmmaking enthusiasts to learn from.

⏯ Akira Kurosawa – Composing Movement | Edgar Wright – How to Do Visual Comedy

34. The Cinema Cartography

The Cinema Cartography Logo

The Cinema Cartography, formerly known as Channel Criswell is a channel dedicated to exploring and analysing the art of filmmaking. The video essays themselves would probably be considered art themselves, each video is a pleasure to watch.

After a brief hiatus it looks like The Cinema Cartographer is back to producing videos. If you’re into filmmaking or just love cinema, it’s definitely a channel to check out.

⏯ Stanley Kubrick – The Cinematic Experience | Composition In Storytelling

35. Behind The Curtain

Behind The Curtain Icon

Created by Nehemiah T. Jordan, a Screenwriter from LA, Behind the Curtain explores the writing of important works in TV and film. Many of the videos take the form of a “How I wrote X” format, where Nehemiah stitches together clips of a given author/screenwriter about how they wrote their story.

⏯ How I Wrote Fight Club | How Professional Screenwriters Outline

36. Now You See It

Now You See It Educational YouTube channel

Now You See it produces high quality video essays on film themes a tropes. The owner describes the channel as “a college film analysis class minus the lecture halls, essay assignments, and student loan debts”. The channel releases around one video per month and have a decent backlog of videos for you to binge on!

⏯ The Movie That Changed Movies | Why All Movies From 1999 Are The Same

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