How to Use The Feynman Technique: Super-charge your Learning ⚡

If you want a way to drastically improve your learning speed, then the Feynman Technique just might be what you’re looking for.

The technique is named after Nobel Prize winning scientist Richard Feynman. Feynman was known as the great explainer. This was because of his amazing ability to explain complex ideas to his students and audiences.

The Idea Behind the Feynman Technique 💡

The core idea behind the Feynman Technique is that to truly understand something, you must be able to explain it simply. If you cannot explain it simply, then you do not understand it well enough.

The goal of the Feynman technique is to study to the point that you can explain your chosen topic or idea simply. The technique is for those people who are already studying an idea or concept. Once you’ve attempted to understand your chosen area, you can begin applying the technique.

The Four Steps 👩‍🎓

Once you understand the Feynman Technique, you can apply to your learning quickly to yourself in your head or out aloud. However if you want to formalize your learning process you can follow these steps exactly.

The Feynman Technique

  1. Choose your topic or idea

    Write the name of concept or idea you’re trying to learn at the top of a blank piece of paper.

  2. Explain it

    Imagine you are teaching a child or someone completely ignorant of the subject matter. Explain the concept or idea using simple language. You can include examples to help explain your point.

  3. Review your explanation

    Read over your explanation aloud. Ask yourself, does this make sense? Would this be clear to a beginner or child? Are there any areas of my explanation that could be improved? If all or part of your explanation is unclear, then return to your notes in order to gain a better understanding.

  4. Rewrite it

    Once you have better understood the areas which you could not explain simply, return to them and clarify any shaky areas. You can repeat steps 2 – 4 until you can fully explain and therefor understand your topic.

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