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5 Best Online Public Speaking Courses for 2021

Fear of public speaking is a common point of anxiety for many people. It often stems from the belief that people think they don’t know how to speak in public. Given that we generally don’t learn how to speak publicly during our school years, this is unsurprising! As a result, many of us are without any of the required skills to be confident! Thankfully, online public speaking courses can help us better prepare.

Impromptu Speaking Courses

Public speaking is scary enough. However, being asked to speak at a moment’s notice is can be terrifying! Many people do not realize that impromptu speaking is a skill, and like any skill, you can learn and master it! We only have one short course in this section, but we definitely think it’s worth watching!

1. Impromptu Speaking with Todd Dewett

Impromptu Speaking Course

In this Linkedin Learning course, Todd Dewett teaches you how to master the art of impromptu speaking. The course covers situations (1) where you have a short time to prepare, and (2) when you don’t have any time to prepare. By the end of the lessons, you’ll be equipped with the tools and techniques to confidently publicly speak at a moment’s notice. Even though this is a short course, it is one of the most popular in the public speaking category. It is a must-see for anyone in a corporate environment!

Provider: Linkedin Learning / Free Trial or Subscription


  1. The Importance of Impromptu Speaking
  2. How to Nail Your Impromtu Speach

Instructor: Dr. Todd Dewett is a keynote speaker, writer, and coach in leadership and life skills. Todd Dewett has given over a thousand professional speeches, including TEDx, numerous corporate events, conferences, military groups, and many nonprofits. What’s more, his dedication to public speaking has seen him recognized as an Inc. magazine top 100 leadership speaker.

Speeches, Talks & Presentation Courses

Giving a prepared speech requires a combination of skills. Although confidence is a large part of speaking in public, these skills are will be your foundation. With these online public speaking courses, you’ll learn everything you need to craft and deliver your speeches!

2. Chris Anderson on Public Speaking

Chris Anderson on Public Speaking

Your instructor for this Udemy course is none other than Chris Anderson, the TED speaking platform’s head. In his public speaking course, Chris Anderson breaks down the elements of a great speech. You will learn the skills needed to craft and deliver your own engaging speech. If you’re pitching or selling an idea, or maybe even sharing a TEDx Talk yourself, then be sure not to miss this course!

Provider: Udemy / Free Trial or Subscription


  1. The Key Elements of Powerful Public Speaking
  2. 5 Tools for Successful Talks
  3. How to Banish Your Fears of Public Speaking & Successfully Rehearse
  4. Why Public Speaking Matters More Than Ever

Instructor: Chris Anderson is a British-American entrepreneur, speaker, author, Oxford graduate, and the current head of TED. TED is the world’s most popular public speaking platform, and under Anderson’s tenure, it has become a worldwide brand.

3. The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking/Speech Course

The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking/Speech Course

Chris Haroun’s course is the #1 Best Selling Presentation Skills Course on Udemy. In addition to this, it is one of the most thorough, offering 16 hours of on-demand video. Chris has broken the course into twelve different chapters. Each discusses different aspects of public speaking and presentation skills. If you’re looking for a deep dive into the topic, this course is a great choice!

Provider: Udemy / Individual Payment


  1. Audience: Identify & Identifying with Your Audience (“The Customer”)
  2. Purpose: What’s the Purpose of Your Speech (Begin with the End Goal)
  3. How to START Your Presentation
  4. What to Include and How to Structure the Content
  5. Beating Writer’s Block & ENDING Your Presentation +12 more

Instructor: Chris Haroun is a TEDx speaker, Udemy Teacher, and Founder of Haroun Education Ventures.

4. Public Speaking: You Can be a Great Speaker within 24 Hours

In his Skillshare online public speaking course, TJ Walker shares his lifetime of media and public speaking experience. Signing up on Skillshare gives you access to their entire library. With it, TJ Walkers other speaking courses. These include Give a Persuasive Presentation, PowerPoint Presentations: Deliver a Non-Boring Presentation, and many more. If you’re going to choose one teacher for your public speaking journey, then TJ is a solid choice!

Provider: Skillshare / Free Trial or Subscription


  1. What Are Your Speech Goals
  2. Bring Your Presentation Alive With Stories
  3. How to Use PowerPoint and Other Visuals
  4. Rehearse with Video
  5. Tips for constant Improvement

Instructor: TJ Walker is a speaker, author, network news communications analyst, and the founder of Media Training Worldwide. In his time, Walker has trained Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Nobel Peace Prize winners.

5. How to Open & Close Presentations Like a Boss

How to Open & Close Presentations Like a Boss

In his Skillshare course, seasoned speaker Alex Lyon teaches you the art of opening and closing a presentation or speech. The start and end of a speech are easily the most important when it comes to leaving an impression on your audience. It is an important area often overlooked by beginners, and is in many cases what separates amateurs from professionals! The hour-long course has 13 easily digestible chapters. With Skillshare, you’ll also have access to Alex’s other courses on communication.

Provider: Skillshare / Free Trial or Subscription


  1. Primacy & Recency Echo
  2. Qualities of Strong Openings & Closings
  3. How to Open with a Story
  4. How to Close with a Story
  5. Open & Close with Quotations +7 more

Instructor: Alex Lyon is an author, teacher, consultant, and speaker. He is the creator of five courses, all focusing on teaching communication skills.

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